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MySQL Ingestion

A simple guide to connecting MySQL datasources to your Koverse datasets

  1. To add data from a MySQL to Koverse, go to your dataset and click "Add Data".

    Add Data

  2. Click "Connect to a Source"

    Connect to Source

  3. Under "Select a Source" select "Microsoft SQL Server"

    Connect to Microsoft SQL Server

  4. In the "URL" field, input URL for the MySQL. The format follows, requiring the placeholder variables to be replaced with your specific data:


    • jdbc is indicating the connection is using the Java Database Connectivity API
    • mysql specifies to utilize the MySQL drivers with the JDBC API
    • server represents as a placeholder the hostname or IP address for the target MySQL server
    • 3306 is the default port for MySQL; if using a different port set that here
    • dbname is the placeholder for the name of the database you are connecting to

    Connect to Microsoft SQL Server

A complete URL might look like this: jdbc:mysql://;database=EntertainmentMedia

  1. Next input your username and password for the MySQL connection.

  2. Provide an SQL Query for Koverse to use to select the records to import, then fill out the details of your JDBC connection in the provided fields and click "Next."

Your import job will begin immediately.