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Koverse Data Platform

Bringing Zero Trust security to data.
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Single Platform for All Data

Rapidly ingest, index, store, and secure all data including structured and unstructured, batch and continuously streaming, and classified and unclassified data, from any source.

Physically co-locate and logically separate data to simplify data management.

Benefit from instant scaling and consumption-based delivery, and only pay for what you use.

Choose from software-as-a-service (SaaS) or self-managed deployment models.

End-to-End Multi-Level Security

Ensure multi-level security (MLS) to protect data from ingestion to discovery and use.

Apply ABAC to ensure authorized data access only.

Provide added confidence with data-centric security, cell-level security, and secure-on-write.

Agility is Assured

Enhance your quick reaction capabilities to optimize operational agility and performance.

Make new data rapidly accessible without requiring ETL or data characterization.

Integrate with your existing tools and applications and quickly productionize new use cases.