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Document Preview

A simple guide to the Document Preview upload feature

Preliminary Notes

Document Preview Guide

Using Document Preview

  1. First, select or create the dataset you wish to upload to.

  2. Next select the documents to upload, make your selections with regards to ABAC, then upload. Uploading Documents

  3. Once ingest begins, you will be presented with a screen similar to what is depicted below. Document Ingest

  4. After ingest completes, you will be presented with the default list view with a JSON formatted presentation of your data. To the immediate right of the search bar, select the icon that looks like a grid of four squares to change to Document Preview view. Default Dataset View (post ingest)

  5. Double-click on the image of the document you'd like to inspect closer, or select the triple dots on the bottom right of the grid for the image, and select "Preview" to see a detailed view of the document. If you would like, you can also select "Download" from the same menu to download a copy of the original file. Document Preview View

  6. In the expanded preview view for the single document, you can select to download from the top left of the document, as well as adjust the zoom level of the preview. Download Original File

  7. Below you can see an example of the downloaded original file. Expanded Preview for Single Document

Document Preview Examples

Document Preview displays previews for single and multiple page documents of various file types, including but not limited to:

  • Images
    • jpeg/jpg
    • png
  • MS Office
    • doc/docx
    • pptx
  • html
  • txt
  • odt
  • pdf

Here are some examples of what you will see with Document Preview:

  • jpeg
    jpeg Example

  • png
    png Example

  • pdf Documents
    png Example 1

  • MS Office Documents, such as:

    • Word (doc, docx)
      docx Example 1

    • PowerPoint (pptx)
      pptx Example 1