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Error Codes

Learn more about error codes and how to resolve them

Koverse provides error messages to aid in troubleshooting failures during upload, ingest, search, and indexing of datasets. The error messages give additional details to point you towards the source of the problem. The following details rare errors that you may receive and where to locate the details that will aid in resolution.

  • AccumuloError - General accumulo error, error body includes the cause.
  • AuthError - An error caused by failure to provide sufficient authentication details.
  • BadRequestError - Error indicating client did not provide a valid request. Check the request body for validity. The API definition for the endpoint may provide additional information that can help determine the problem with the request.
  • DataSourceError - Error occurs when a data source cannot be created with the datasourceParams provided.
  • FileParseError - Error occurs when a file cannot be parsed. Check if the file contents are valid for the file format.
  • ForbiddenError - Error occurs when a user attempts to access a resource and does not have the required authorization.
  • HttpClientError - Error that occurs during the processing of a client request or response.
  • InternalServerError - Rare error where the cause is internal to the Koverse servers. Retrying the request may resolve the error.
  • LuceneParseError - Error occurs when a query cannot be parsed by the lucene query parser. Updating the query to a valid syntax may resolve the issue.
  • MissingIndexError - A database index does not exist for the field in the query with a filter (where clause). Adding a database index for the field may resolve the issue.
  • NotFoundError - Error occurs when a resource was expected by the request and could not be located.
  • NotImplementedError - Error occurs when a request is attempted that is not currently supported.
  • RestClientError - Error that occurs during processing of a client request or response.
  • SecurityError - Error that indicates a security violation. Check authentication details.
  • SqlParseError - Error occurs when a sql expression cannot be parsed. Check your sql for validity and syntax.
  • TableNotFoundError - Error occurs when an accumulo table is not found, and it was supposed to exist.
  • QueryError - Error indicating a problem in the processing of the query. Check the query syntax and validity.