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Connecting to Remote Datasources

A simple guide to connecting to datasources in Koverse

  1. To connect Koverse to a remote data source, you must first have at least one dataset already created

  2. Select “Connect to a Source”.

    Connect to a Source

  3. From the dropdown, select the source type to which you want to connect.

    Connect to a Source Dropdown Menu

  4. For more detailed instructions for each source type, please select one of the following guides.

    • Amazon S3
    • Postgres Database
    • Kafka Streaming
    • URL Datasource
  5. Select whether you would like to use ABAC (Attribute-Based Access Control) on your datasets. See ABAC Attribute Fields for additional information on ABAC Attribute Fields.

    1. If using ABAC, select which type of Attribute Field you will use and input the name of that field as it appears in your data. See the below references for additional information on label parser types:

    2. Select how you would like to treat records with empty values.

    Choose How to Handle Data Records without ABAC Label Values

  6. Select “Import Data”.

    Import Data

  7. The upload process has now begun and will be running in the background. Upload time will depend on the file size and the use of ABAC within your dataset.