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What is Koverse?

Koverse is a security-first data platform that introduces attribute-based access controls (ABAC) to enforce Zero Trust for data, allowing customers to safely work with complex and sensitive information to power the most demanding analytics, data science, and AI use cases. Koverse goes beyond conventional security approaches to build Zero Trust directly into the data platform through ABAC, which enables use of both structured and unstructured data and offers unlimited authorization options across distinct security attributes and multi-attribute security combinations, addressing even the most complex data access control requirements.

Bolt-on Zero Trust architectures are not enough; it’s akin to plugging data holes and adding data security after-the-fact. As a result, organizations are shifting focus from securing the perimeter to securing each individual resource. To address this, Koverse makes security foundational to the data platform itself, applying Zero Trust authorization checks directly onto each individual data element – creating Zero Trust for data. This unified security model enables organizations to increase the value and utilization of all data. By securing the data itself, companies are now able to more securely leverage their data for mission learning, turning data into a valuable business asset.

Koverse was founded by former NSA data architects who created the software that protects the NSA’s data, giving the team a heightened awareness of an ability to address the unique needs of highly sensitive data protection. Specifically, they created a low-level, highly scalable and secure data store and open-sourced it as Apache Accumulo. Accumulo serves as the core of the NSA data architecture.

As other organizations struggled to build a comprehensive data layer capability around Accumulo, the Koverse founders realized that industry needed a fully fleshed out data layer complete with sophisticated ingest, indexing, access control management, integrations with other enterprise components such as single-sign on tools, and a support system to provide on-going improvements, features, and integrations.

Thus, Koverse allows a wide variety of customers to obtain the same highly scalable and secure data capabilities as the largest and most demanding data environments without any of the engineering risk.